Web page updating

For small businesses: OK, so you’ve spent some real money and commissioned a web page to support your business. It looks smart & reflects your business.

Potential clients will see what you do, where you do it & possibly how much it costs.

However that was last year, things move on. You carry on doing your real work  – after all that’s what you are good at – and the web site begins to look a bit out of date. Updating it is a hassle, you don’t do it very often & have to follow the instructions each time.

Point055systems provides a service to update web sites – so that potential customers can see current information & have faith that what they are seeing is current. For example a list of current special offers inspires confidence but a page of opening times for 2012 does not. All you have to provide is the new information, the page to be updated, & access rights to make the changes.

So consider what you might like to update on your web pages – any special offers, a list of projects recently completed, recent testimonials, upcoming events or exhibitions, and so on. This could be a weekly update, for example if you sell seasonal goods, or an annual ‘wash & brush up’ to update all the text.

Note that this is not re-design, you’ve already paid for the design & we do not intend to replace it!



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