Gingko editor

An example of IT enabling the doing of things differently. As ever it requires that you get your head around a new structure. But well worth it.
As its hierarchical, it can be used for many purposes – text, a diary, organiser, etc. that has that sort of data structure behind it.

From the developer’s web page:
"Writing is hard because we have no tools to easily focus on the content and the structure at the same time".
Thus Gingko allows work on the form & the function, & immediately displays the change as WYSIWYG.
Products such as Mind Maps might provide prettier images, & I am all for making things as visually appealing as possible, but for getting text written down & in the right place then use Gingko.

Alternative project management Point055 – over the threshold

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Two minor questions

Why is the universe based on maths?

Why is it based on maths that we can understand? Or at least that we have been able to invent?

The human brain has evolved as a general purpose device with billions of variations, but even so why does it have the ability to think of things that have zero evolutionary value?

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What’s in a name?

Quiescent mammalian neurons have a membrane potential of about -70mV, under various stimuli they may be depolarised but nothing happens until the stimuli cause enough depolarisation to reach about -55mV (= -0.055 Volts). But once that threshold has been reached then the neuron ‘fires’ (‘the penny drops’, ‘the light comes on’) & further connections from that neuron are then stimulated. That’s the point of this blog – the things that make those neurons fire!

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